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Application of Door Magnets


Furniture Door Magnets

The furniture door magnets are considered highly beneficial to hold the door and drawers in the furniture of the house and other locations like commercial building and industries. They are provided in various size and specifications depending on the utilization area. The basic function of the furniture magnetic door stopper is to stop the door from slamming on the wall and generating any kind of damage on the paint or design. The furniture door magnets are prepared from the top class materials mainly consisting of high grade plastic and long lasting magnets that have magnetic field that lasts for lifetime. The heavy duty body of the door magnets has the capacity of absorbing impacts and vibrations.


Magnetic Latches for Cabinet

The range of cabinet door magnets we provide are highly renowned in the market all over the world to offer the highest grade magnetic catches for cabinet. The magnetic catches we make are fabricated using the high grade ABS material and the screw and blade in the catches are made from Mild Steel to ensure their stability and long durability. There are three colours available in the product range they are silver, brown and ivory. These cabinet door magnets are considered a great alternate to other mechanical catches that are available in the market. Other than this they are also durable and cost efficient that saves a lot of money.


Cupboard Door Magnets

The traditional way to keep the cupboard close was by attaching stoppers to them. But at the present time a replacement has been found which replaces the stoppers by the latest cupboard door magnets. These magnetic catches (latches) for cupboard are prepared in such a compact manner that they can easily fit into the small space in the cupboard door and keep the door in closed position. There are two parts in the cupboard door magnet in which one is attached to the door and other one is attached to the bottom fame of the cupboard. We manufacture these magnetic latches for cupboard in various colour, size and specifications that can match the color combination of the cupboard and other furniture.

Wardrobe Door Magnets

The wardrobe comes in various types of designs having varying number of cabinets and drawers in it. To hold each of them in closed position without letting it open randomly, the basic need is of something that can catch it. For this purpose we provide an excellent range of wardrobe door magnets manufactured from top quality of SS material given the best quality of SS magnetic door holder. Due to the quality of magnets and its strength to hold the door our variety of high quality wardrobe magnetic door holder are highly appreciated in the market. There are colour, size and designs provided to the customer from which they can choose from.

Magnetic Latches for Cabinet

Having cabinet door in your house, office or industry that does not keep shut? Then here is the solution for that. Our magnetic latches for cabinet are considered as the best match in a number of locations like house, industries as well as other commercial buildings. For utilization in small areas like kitchen we provide a special range of kitchen cabinet door magnets that can firmly hold the door in shut position. The magnetic latches comprises of two parts that are attached to the door and the cabinet frame. Each one hold the other through the magnetic field making the door stay closed. They are well known in the domestic and international market for their high quality and performance. You can easily buy them from us and order the most suitable model according to your needs of the cabinet at economic price range.

Closet Door Magnets

The door magnets are modern equipment that can easily hold the doors in the wardrobe, kitchen cabinets and even in the closet. The main difference between the closet and the wardrobe is the size of the furniture piece. The closets are smaller in size compared to the wardrobe that can easily store small things in compact manner reducing the space utilization. The closet door magnets are considered as a great option for closing the door properly and keeping it in closed state. The SS magnetic door holder is designed as per the international standards. We fabricate them from the best grade of stainless steel that makes them highly durable. We ensure that the customer can get what they want for their closet. We have ultimate collection in the color and design that we present to the clients.

Double Door Magnetic Catches

The double door magnetic catches are prepared with the goal to hold the doors of cabinet that are in pair i.e. the cabinet having two doors. These types of door are highly used in the cabinets, wardrobe, cupboards, etc. The double magnetic door catcher is helpful in solving your problem to hold the doors in shut state. We utilize our years of experience in the field of the manufacturing the best class of double door magnetic catches and give the customers with the most reliable products for their house, industry and other areas. We provide them in various options of colour which can suit their application area properly. The magnets in the magnetic catches are really powerful and last for a lifetime. They have a great capacity to hold the door shut constantly.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Holder

Our great and fantastic range of heavy duty magnetic door holder is made from high quality and grade of stainless steel which comes in various colours and size. The magnetic door holder is prepared in accordance to the requirement of the industries to meet their needs. We have a vast range of products and designs that provide the best solution to your home/ office or industrial requirements. Using our magnetic door holder you can easily forget about the problem you face in the matter of holding the doors of cupboard and cabinets as well as rooms. We make it our top priority to make sure that customers are completely satisfied with the quality we provide to them.

Push Magnetic Door Stopper

The push magnetic door stopper is used in the cupboards, wardrobes and other showcases where two door are there which has to be closed or opened. It word on a simple principle: When the doors are brought in contact of the magnet they get attached to it and keeps it in closed position now to open the door you just need to press the door and it will release it from the magnet. This kind of construction is also known as the double door magnetic stopper or catches. The simple, strong and easy to install design of the magnetic door stopper allows to hold the door even where there is heavy wind blowing. This innovative magnetic door stop holds the doors in order to protect walls and prevents the doors from slamming shut on the wall and damaging it.