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Magnetic Door Catches

What is Door Catch?

A door catches is a simple device which helps in keeping the door constantly in a closed position. The catching part of the catcher is attached on the top or bottom plate of the drawer or cabinet and the magnetic part is fitted on the door. There are various kinds of door catches available in the market depending the application and the location where it is to be fitted. The most commonly used type of catch is the magnetic door catches, ball type door catcher and roller type of door catches.


Why Magnetic Door Catches?

In the simple type of door catches, two or more pieces of slide into each other making a lock which helps in holding the door in a common position. The benefit of using a magnetic door catches is that it has a simple working and does not require more space for fitting in the location. It can easily get fit in the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe. Being compact in size the magnetic door catcher can simply hold the drawer and door in closed state. There are various shape and size of the magnetic door catches available in the market designed to suit the furniture and surrounding location. The material used in preparing the door catch is of high grade ABS standard plastic which makes it unbreakable.

Wintech Plastic Industries is the most reputed magnetic door catcher manufacturer from Gujarat, India. We are famous for the great comprehensive range of door catches that we offer. The door catch is extra strong and provides secure closing of the furniture doors, cabinets, wardrobe and cupboard. The magnetic power of our door catches is very high and we even offer them in various intensity of magnetic field depending on the weight of door and the strength required holding the door in closed state. The door catch keeps the closed door in normal position and avoid it from opening due to the wind flowing at high speed. We offer the magnetic door catches in small and large size so you can select them according to the application where you want to use it and can also choose from the exclusive range of one touch push magnetic door catcher.

The great range of high quality magnetic cabinet catches and latches comes in various designs, shape and colours. The catches are specially designed equipments or you can say device that holds the door in closed position which is replacing various complicated system to hold doors. These magnetic door catches are also commonly known by the name of magnetic door latches. They are simplest magnetic device used in kitchen, wardrobe, closet, etc. as they can easily fit in the location. The magnetic catch is easy and quick to install on the door of cupboard and cabinet. We design an exclusive range of closet door magnetic catches in various colours like ivory, brown, white, etc. The magnet catch holds firmly the door and releases on a push. We provide both small and big size of magnetic door catcher in unique and antique designs which gives an attractive look to the location where they are used.


The range of application area of our magnetic door catches are:

  • Magnetic Catches for Cabinet
  • Magnetic Catches for Cupboard
  • Magnetic Catches for Wardrobe
  • Magnetic Catches for Kitchen Cabinet
  • Magnetic Catches for Furniture Door
  • Magnetic Catches for Closet
  • Magnetic Wardrobe Door Catches
  • Magnetic Cupboard Door Catches
  • Magnetic Catches for Kitchen Cabinets
  • Magnetic Drawer Catches