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Magnetic Door Latches / Catches


What is a magnetic door latch?

The latch is a simply device consisting of two or more parts which interlinks and help in keeping the door in a constant closed position. They are made in various designs from traditional to latest antique one to make them look unique. There are basically more than two parts in the normal kind of a latch but to simplify the complexity of the model we present to you magnetic door latches also commonly known as catches. It has only two parts one attached on the door and other on the wall. The simplicity in the magnetic door catches makes them highly preferable in the industry. We utilize standard material to design the body of magnetic door latches. The latch is highly useful to hold tightly the doors in closed manner.


Why choose our magnetic door latches?

Well, magnetic door latches have become a most common and generally used device for holding the door, window or drawer of the wardrobe or cupboard. There is ample number of latches available in the market so it becomes a question that why would u choose our range of magnetic door catches / latches. What makes them so special for utilization in your kitchen, door and other furniture items? So here are various reasons why u should select Wintech Plastic Industries for your range of magnetic door latches and catches. Firstly, it is the attractive range of design and colours that we provide in latch which can perfectly suit the surrounding furniture and cabinets in the cupboard. Next is the strong magnetic power of the latches which enables it to hold the furniture door, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and other cupboards. They have everlasting magnetic field to make them last for a very long time and give perfect and accurate hold over the compartment.

What you get from our range?

Our range of magnetic door latches provides you a complete solution for holding the door. They are simple and easy to operate. The range of latch and catches we provide consist of exclusive models of unique and antique closet door and double door magnetic catch, kitchen door magnetic catches and magnetic latches specially designed for cupboard, closet as well as furniture door. There are both small and large sizes of magnetic latches for kitchen cabinet and wardrobe. Each model can be obtained in various colors and economic price range making them affordable for the customers.